The new CNC shaped, full carbon laminated and totally hand finished Razzle Dazzle line is now ready for the pro racers. Available only from our custom board factory in Italy .
The new 14’ delivers great performances in every kind of water conditions, perfect for flat water and ocean chop. After a year of testing, RRD is proud to introduce this new sup race monster. This board will be available only on this size 14’ x 21.5’’.

The streamlining of the nose maximizes the speed and offers trim control in upwind, the large top surface of the tail is covered by a thin layer of anti-slip for perfect grip during the extreme buoy turns. The new 14” has a special hydrodynamic prysm nose which allows to cut through the waves without any drag.
The deep concave of the bottom creates a perfect water flow without interruptions, even at the end of the stroke, when the paddle is at the extraction moment.
Thanks to the large surface, the square and massive tail guarantees acceleration and comfort in downwind racing.

The stability is maximized through a squared rail design, which is much more pronounced at the level of the tail and in the whole area of the paddle stroke zone.
The thin crocodile surface lightweight sectorial EVA pads contribute to lightweight since they are positioned only on the important stepping areas.


LTD14 x 21.5”257 LTS25RD142152,838  €