The Project

Windsurf, Surf, Kiteboarding & SUP.
Ocean Calling project started 4 years ago to create innovative ways to live and share those water sports experiences being independents. In 2010 we introduce the Drive & Ride concept, proposing Camper Vans equipped whit RRD gear to explore our island and ride our spots in total autonomy.

From the beginning, our rentals offers the most flexible ways to choose and take away the right gear according to your level and changing it depending weather conditions.

Windsurf and Kiteboarding Academies are made to approach the ocean and water sports in the right way, increasing your level step by step, learning just with proper wind and wave conditions and becoming independent as soon as you can.

Good prices on newest gear, 2nd hand & test gear, renew programs, board sharing, promo packs, personalized solutions, professional and friendly environment to make those sports easier and less expensive. This is what you’ll find at the Ocean Calling Shop based in Lajares in the middle of the north shore of the island.

Another point of view about surf trips, about riding, about practice and share those sports, loving the ocean, respecting those who share it with us.

“Join the Calling.. Enjoy Fuerte whit us!”

Ocean Calling Fuerteventura